In webinars, how do we train more people with less time?

In your webinars, how do we train more people with less time?

There are only 24 hours in a day... and many less in a workday!

During a webinar, we only have so much time to connect with our audience to create a memorable learning experience.  But what if that experience could be extended without the need for additional face time with our learners? What if there were a way to introduce and reinforce learning moments, all the while driving application without actual contact?

We are right there with you.  

That's why we created Excite Webinars.  Maximize time while minimizing effort and put the EXCITEMENT back into your virtual learning with Excite Webinars.


Expand learning moments in webinars.

What if you could impact the quality and results of your webinars and engage learners?
Before the webinar - challenge and engage learners and prepare them for the webinar;

After the webinar - allow for reflections and applications;

Follow-up after the webinar - provide alerts and reminders to help apply ideas at work.


Excite Webinars adds moments of engagement and application to your webinars.

• Create and add webinar details, schedule, and speaker information.

• Add a challenge or activity (starters or warm-ups before webinars) using over 20 activity templates.

• Set up your webinar details (using your own accounts with ZOOM, Adobe Connect, Go To Meeting, others).

• Add a reflection and application activity (to dos or ideas to go after the webinars) using over 25 activity templates.

• Publish.

• Invite your participants.



Excite Webinars is Easy.

• Add more learning with less webinar time

• More than 25 ready-to-use exercises and activities

• Easy to apply with your Zoom, Adobe Connect or others

• Engage learners and create a great learning experience

• Track, alert, follow-up, and organize your webinars