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Core Pro Advanced Enterprise
Dedicated account
Secure private or public account
Welcome page
Landing for stories, introductions and information
Members securely submit basic profile and contact information
Webinar listing
Lists of webinar schedule
Webinar calendar
Summary of webinar schedule
Configurable discussions to encourage socialization
Preparations and interactions before the webinar or virtual session using ready-to-use template exercises
Webinar or virtual session and recording
Area to publish virtual session links (ZOOM, Adobe Connect, WebEx, others)
Reflections and applications of ideas after the webinar or virtual session using ready-to-use template exercises
Create and present videos, text, files, links, images for readings, references, handouts, and related documents.
Get participants rating on webinar performance
View progress of completion of learning actions
Upon completion, download PDF completion certificates
Alert others
Invite other team members or peers to join the webinar
10 basic ready-to-use template exercises
Includes: Discussions, videos, links, files, Fishbone, Pros and Cons, Insights, Frames, What Ifs, Checklist.
Check and test
Different methods: True/False, Yes/No, Essay, Multiple and Single Choices
Tracking of participant success
Completion and registration reports
Activities display
View participant’s postings, entries and contributions
Activities email alert
Auto email alert summarizing the webinar activities, postings, files, contributions
Invite others
Members can invite others to join the webinars
Private approval of participants
Approve who should join the webinars
Bulk invitations
Send bulk invitations by upload a CSV file
Social Media Marketing
Promote member and participant postings in Twitter, Linked, Facebook
Core Pro Advanced Enterprise
Custom feedback
Customizing questions to suit your needs
Resource listings
Categorization of resources, search and display of multiple types of resources
Messaging, alerts, notices
Template creation of emails and messages
Engaging report
Deeper analytics on participant behaviors
Community discussions
Create multiple discussions for the whole community
Member networking
Configurable discussions to encourage socialization
12 advance ready-to-use template exercises
Includes: Sketch, Mapping, 80/20 Rule, Workarounds, Stories, Improving Work, Scaling, Go/No Decisions, Troubleshooting, Steps / Procedures, Scaling Capacities, Risks Analysis, Goal Setting List (Total of 23)
No ADs, customize your own ADs and promotion banners
Create your branded website and and emails
Core Pro Advanced Enterprise
Different methods: True/False, Yes/No, Essay, Multiple and Single Choices
Customizable header labels
Change key terms of leaders and labels of navigation and sections
Embed script of webinars
Use embed script of the webinars in LMSs, Storyline, Captivate, other platforms
Customizable advance exercises
Adapt advance exercises to suit your needs: Process Flow, Matrix, Exercise Maker, On-Grid/Off Grid, To Dos
Path to Expertise Reports (Path2X)
Participant self-tracking of learning paths
Custom learning impact report (ROI of learning)
Customizable too to gauge impacts and contributions of learning
User management
User management is only available in the Advance plan. The admin of the account can add users and grant access to all the features included in the plan. The admin can also replace or remove users from the account at any time.
Expanded registration
Add more questions in the registration form
Enterprise Capacities and Support
Core Pro Advanced Enterprise
Create multiple and different groups and audiences for secure access
Mentoring tool
Ability to assign mentors to track and support learners
Website builder
Build multiple custom pages
Custom domain name
Use your own domain name
Tailored exercises
Consulting to develop specific and unique exercises and tools for your operations and learning
Manage permissions
Handle users accounts and permissions to enable flexible roles
Integrate with payment system
99.9% availability SLA
The highest level of uptime by guaranteeing 99.9% availability of our service
Training support
8 hours or less response time, including technical and product assistance via email, phone, or chat
Dedicated support manager
Ad-hoc onboarding and ongoing trainings for your needs